What is virtualization ?

Virtualization of computer systems, consists in running several virtual servers on the same physical machine at the same time.

We implement of both these referenced environments :

  • VMware
  • Microsoft Hyper-V


Why virtualize ?

Find below the top 6 reasons to choose virtualization:

  • Very fast security and data availability
  • Security backup
  • Lower costs
  • Performance
  • Flexibility: ability to move virtual machines between different physical machines
  • Lower your energy consumption


What type of virtualization to choose ?

Dependant on your requirements :

  • On site : Vmware or Microsoft hyperV
  • Private Cloud : Your infrastructure in our Swiss datacentre
  • Swiss cloud : Swisscom Datacenter
  • Microsoft Cloud  : Azure solution
  • Hybrid environments : In the same environment, servers are distributed between cloud and enterprise sites


Backup virtual environments

We are working with the company VEEAM, and we are a VEEAM gold partner. VEEAM have won five prestigious awards in the virtualization market, including the No. 1 back up solution for VMware and Hyper-V. Among it’s many advantages are :

  • Full server Images
  • Machine duplication and replication
  • Restore individual file, email,Sharepoint document, Active Directory Object (Granular Recovery)

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