How your team can increase productivity by effectively collaborating in its own way?


Teams compared
to 5 years ago

Over the past few years, there’s been a dramatic increase in the amount of collaboration. Employees are on 2x as many teams as 5 years ago. This marks a transition from personal productivity to group productivity.

The amount of time employees spend engaged in “collaborative” work – in meetings, on phone calls or answering emails – has increased by about 50%. Perhaps even more significantly, this kind of work now takes up 80% or more of employees’ time.

Increase in
“collaborative” work

Multiple logins and difficulty sharing and discovering information

Shadow IT leads to security and compliance risk and limits agility

Incomplete toolkit leads to disengaged employees and costly, duplicative tools

In addition to an increase in the amount of collaboration, there are other characteristics that are different about how we’re working together today. People on teams are a mix of employees and outside vendors. For example, already in the US, 40% of the workforce is contingent worker.

Teams have remote members, either remote from home, or because on the road or because located in different geography.


Internal & External Members

People outside the firewall need unfettered access

Répartition géographique

Geographically Distributed

Need varied ways to connect across locations and time-zones

workforce diversifiée

Diverse Workforce

Different expectations, preferences, and tool demands


Changes in collaboration and the diversity in scenarios has driven an appetite for new tools to address new scenarios.

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For the first time, 4 generations are working alongside each other and have different expectations about the tools they use to communicate and collaborate.

When we peel back the covers and look at how organizations are working today, we see a myriad of tools in use. There’s the team of developers who is using team chat, the executives who use email and the HR team that helps the organization connect over enterprise social. Some will use only email while others will live primarily in chat. And if end users don’t find the IT approved option for their preferred tool, they’ll simply download the consumer grade version and that leads to a terrible user experience with multiple logins, difficulty sharing and no single view of content.

This poses a significant risk for organizations as shadow IT develops and there’s no way to uniformly manage a user’s access, ensure security or service compliance needs.


The reason multiple collaboration tools are in use is because every group is unique and has their own functional needs and workstyle.

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Microsoft 365 meets the diverse needs of teams with an integrated solution that is secure. For each of those categories of teamwork, Microsoft 365 includes a purpose-built application.

Microsoft 365

Email & Calendar


teams can communicate in a familiar place, and can easily create modern distribution list with groups in Outlook.

Intranets & Content Management


Keeping content at the center of teamwork, making files, sites and all types of content easily shareable and accessible across teams

Connect Across the Organization


For people to connect across their company, sharing ideas on common topics of interes.



Enabling co-authoring in familiar apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoin.

Hub for Teamwork


The hub for teamwork where groups that actively engage and are working on core projects can connect and collaborat.


Get a holistic solution for teamwork to meet the unique needs of every group while securing your work environment.

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Connecting people to people, people to information and people to systems is critical at improving the quality of decisions and the speed at which those decisions are happening.


Modern collaboration with effective teamwork

“Thru teamwork, we collaborate in a central workspace with a hub to familiar tools enabling seamlessly document co-authoring, sharing of work with others, collaborate with 3rd parties, work with business applications and easily connect with peers.”


Employee engagement and empowerment

“We work like a network without boundaries across the business leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise to inform our decisions and guide actions, enabling us to discover information based on people to re-use intellectual property to get work done.”


Business Transformation

“We understand our business is changing and through the integration and connectedness of our IT systems combined with technology, we allow data insights to grow our business to new heights. We work smarter by automating existing workflows across the business and modernizing legacy applications.”

With a universal toolkit, you can expect three main benefits:

  1. Get a universal toolkit that meets the unique needs of every team in a highly secure way
  2. Drive employee engagement and enable rationalization
  3. Enable sharing and discovery across applications with connected experiences

Each of these benefits align with the previously discussed collaboration practice scenarios of:

Teamwork Scenarios

This scenario is about empowering groups of individuals whether it’s a project team or virtual team to help them collaborate more effectively which benefits not only the team, but the organization as a whole. This is made possible using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams delivers on four core promises to create a digital workspace for high performing teams.


Team Collaboration

  • Threaded, persistent chat
  • Conversations, files, and tools live in a team workspace
  • Integrated with SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Power BI, and Planner
  • Co-author and edit with Office and other files right in the app
  • Tailored channels based on topics or work streams, or business function

Messagerie & Calendrier

  • Prioritize important messages automatically
  • Share meeting availability internally and externally
  • Schedule conference calls and video meetings with ease
  • Reserve conference rooms seamlessly

Content Sharing

  • Share files with others inside and outside the organization
  • Stay connected with files and folders when offline
  • Recover previous versions and track changes
  • Modernize email attachments with link to file and automatic permissions

Security & Compliance

  • Broad compliance standards support: ISO27018/01, SOC 1 & 2, HIPAA, EUMC & more
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Information protection with Archive eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Compliance Content Search, Auditing and Reporting
  • Data encryption at all times at-rest and in-transit

The real value of collaboration comes to life only when it’s integrated with the tools people use to communicate, create and collaborate such as Microsoft Office. This is the intelligent intranet. Spanning on-premises and Office 365, the intelligent intranet brings together productivity, broadcast reach, and the mission criticality of your most important business applications—accessible from with the hub for teamwor.

It’s a place where employees can communicate with each other openly and efficiently, where leadership can engage with employees, where people can discover communities that interest them, where our frontline workers can feel connected with the rest of the company – and most importantly where ideas and innovation thrive.


Mobile & intelligent intranets

  • Harness collective knowledge, expertise, insights to inform decisions and guide actions
  • Share and manage news and content across the organization with intelligent intranets
  • Discover information based on people and content powered by Microsoft Graph

Communications & community

  • Drive engagement across the organization
  • Communicate between executives & employees
  • Build communities of interest/practice
  • Include Firstline Workers in communities
  • Drive cross-functional ideation & innovation

Onboarding and scheduling

  • Manage schedules for Firstline Workers
  • Organize work visually, see who’s working on what
  • Collaborate on content and files through conversations without switching apps

This leads to using these collaboration scenarios to enable employees to transform the way they do business. Starting with content, they need an easy way to manage the vast amounts of content that is created on a daily basis but also a simple method to discover the content that promotes it’s re-use throughout the organization. Using the Office Graph, Delve and SharePoint, employees are able to discover the content that is relevant to them and immediately consume it.

With PowerApps and Flow, employees are empowered to create end-to-end workflows by extending their line of business applications and integrating those processes into Office 365 and, Dynamics 365, all without writing a single line of code. They can easily build custom apps with workflow automation using Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow to add functionality, automate manual processes and bring more efficiency to the business. These applications can then be pinned as a tab within Microsoft Teams, creating a single place to access the application and where teams can collaborate around the new business process – without ever leaving the application.


Enterprise content management

  • Centrally manage diverse content and promote re-use of intellectual property through content discovery
  • Leverage data governance to ease content lifecycle management
  • Protect intellectual property through content classification

Connected business applications

  • Empower users who understand their business needs best to build solutions quickly without writing code
  • Integrate apps with existing systems and services and get more value from the data
  • Work smarter by automating workflows across apps and services

Realize transformation

  • Enable users to get work done faster through interacting with artificial intelligence, using natural language, connected to line of business applications
  • Gain new insights into business using data analytics and machine learning


Choose a phased approach to transformation

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Be a technology enabled business that leads in the mobile first, cloud first world.


Transform the organization to enable secure, frictionless teamwork services that empower teams to work anywhere, anytime.

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