Secure your digital transformation

Risks related to digitalization are growing and the hacking industry takes advantage of that : data theft, industrial spying, etc. In such an environment, the Cloud seems risky. But there are dozens of tools to fight this problem. 3T’s specialization in IT security brings you the best service available.

In this context an SMB needs to think about its current situation and the level of security needed to protect the company, its customers and data. They need to involve themselves in the adoption process:

  • Understand what kind of security is needed (privacy, compliance, data protection)
  • Analysis of current tools and situation
  • Definition of strategy and establish an implementation planning

Which data do you need to protect ?

Pour assurer sa prospérité, l’entreprise doit s’assurer qu’elle est protégée sur les points suivants

To ensure their prosperity, companies need to protect the following aspects :

  • Devices (mobile or not)
  • Applications
  • Data
  • Infrastructure
  • And users identities & access
Sécurité informatique

How to protect yourself ? 


General data protection regulation (GDPR)

The new law, called GDPR, which goal is to protect consumer data privacy, will come into force in May 2018. It imposes on companies and foundations to provide clear and consistent informations in order to protect private data.

Microsoft EMS

Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS)

EMS is a set of solutions designed to help you stay secure and productive on all your devices and apps. It makes it easier to manage your cloud environment regarding your mobile devices, user identities, applications and data. It includes Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune and Azure Rights Management Service.

Network security

3T maintains close relationships with the main market actors, including Cisco and Forti-Gate – to offer your the best security level (firewall, antispam, antivirus, …)

Breachs analysis

You can control and watch breach threatening your company security with Azure and Windows 10

3T Program - Security assessment


Project scope

Requirements & Needs

Project members


Evaluation of the current situation

Analysis of your security score

Identification of security gaps


Identification of next steps

Detailed roadmap of actions

Implementation of solutions


Training on security topics

Online training

Demonstration of SaaS applications

IT Security
Sécurité informatique

Is your company secured ? 

We offer you recommendations and improvements to secure your IT infrastructure

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