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How to protect yourself from current cyber threats?

In the collective imagination, computer security is more and more often associated with the figure of the hacker and the large, sophisticated attacks that make the headlines. For small and medium-sized businesses, it involves dealing with more down-to-earth offensives that, day after day, may compromise business. In the absence of IT management and dedicated staff, how to protect yourself from the most common threats ?

Create a secure password

Many services now use your email address to verify your identity. If someone can access your account, they may be able to use your email address to reset passwords for your other accounts (such as a bank account or online purchases).

Recommended practices

  • Use a new password that is radically different from previous passwords.
  • Use a converted phrase as a sequence of initials, numbers, and symbols.
  • Make sure your password is hard to guess, even for someone who knows you very well (avoid the names and birthdays of your loved ones or the name of your favorite group).

Practices not recommended

  • Do not use the same password for different accounts.
  • Do not choose a single word like “password”, “dog” or “vacation” for your password.
  • Do not use common passwords such as “password”, “iloveyou” or “12345678”.

Educate employees

sensibiliser les employés

Digital security is an issue that must be shared by all the users of an organization (employees, partners, subcontractors, etc.). Today indispensable, the implementation of a base of good IT practices irrigating the whole company according to a virtuous process requires to go through certain fundamental stages. The development of a charter for the use of computer resources and digital tools is one of them.

Unify solutions

unifier les solutions

In all industries, as attack methods are becoming more sophisticated and complex, organizations have responded by deploying more security solutions, which has significantly increased management complexity. Today, organizations must manage distributed resources in many environments, and given the constant evolution of threats, it means there are more attack surfaces to protect …

Develop a security strategy

In today’s connected and technology-driven world, where digital transformation is the only way to survive for any organization, an effective security management practice becomes the cornerstone of any IT strategy, regardless of the organization. sector.

Developing a good cyber security strategy is then asking the right questions in each of the following 3 steps :


Adopt a careful risk management approach

  • Does this person really need to access this resource?
  • Do we know where our data is?
  • Do we know who has access?
  • Do we comply if necessary?
  • Is our software up-to-date?


Be suspicious and assume that you will face a violation

  • How will we know when a violation occurs?
  • Do we have the right tools in place to detect a violation?
  • Do we have the right tools to analyze a violation?


Verify that you have a configured response process with appropriate triggers

  • How will we react to a violation?
  • How will we manage the damage and our reputation?
  • Do we have a customer communication plan ready to put in place?
  • How will we learn from this?

Whether your resources are deployed in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid environment, your organization’s security includes four main components that you must secure:


Peripherals or endpoints

Applications and data


Consolidation of suppliers is the key

unifier les solutions

An effective security management solution does not concern a single console. It’s about integration where it counts, but with the freedom of specialized tools for different functions.

Microsoft’s integrated intelligence is the key to making their security console much more efficient, helping the organizations we support to maintain a consistent and robust security posture.

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3T, your Security Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can help you consolidate many specialized tools with features that allow you to retain the flexibility and freedom to manage the unique needs of specific domains such as identity, devices, applications, or infrastructure.

With integrated controls provided with Microsoft solutions, 3T becomes your trusted partner in intelligent security management.

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