Office 365 - plus qu'un outil, une nouvelle façon de travailler


Technology and IT tools are necessary to manage todays businesses efficiently. However SMB’s cannot always afford huge IT infrastructure and resources.

The time needed to understand the technical aspects of software and IT infrastructure can be restraining. Answering simply to the issue is what is expected. In that context, some IT editors, including Microsoft, are changing their approach : they are not addressing technical issues anymore but business needs and reorganizing their offerings around understandable and accessible solutions.

Let’s take a real case scenario to better understand the problem :

Nowadays, the quantity of data shared grows more and more every day. In one day, 294 billion e-mails are sent, which can be a storage issue for companies. In response, editors offer Cloud solutions. If a client wishes to understand the technical architecture, this information is available but if not, he doesn’t need to care.

A SMB’s CEO is not an IT expert but he understands very well what are his business needs. Consequently, he is always looking for simple and easy-to-use solutions corresponding to his daily challenges.

Thus Microsoft answers these needs and offers to companies integrated or complementary business solutions. Office 365, for example, is a complete suite of products and services that helps manage and make the business grow. Unfortunately companies are not aware of what O365 can bring to their business.

Better example :

I recently asked some people : “for you what’s Office 365 ?” Most of them answered “Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even “it’s Office in the Cloud”. Although all these answers are correct, Microsoft Office 365 is not only that ! Since its launch in 2011, the solution wasn’t completely understood and is unfortunately not used at its whole capacity.


Office 365 is a whole ecosystem of solutions, including dozens of tools that can be customized according to one’s own needs. It can be adjusted to your professional environment : no matter if you’re a small, medium or large company. Microsoft offers prices and licenses adapted to every situation.

Office 365 evolves constantly : new products and functionalities are regularly created. For example, Dynamics suite came to complement the CRM module in autumn 2016, StaffHub (team planning) and Bookings (centralised bookings) in Winter 2016 – 2017.

Office 365 - plus qu'un outil, une nouvelle façon de travailler


Office 365 is a set of products and services designed by Microsoft to help you manage your company, in terms of security, mobility, collaboration or even team performances and customer relationships management.


Ultimately, Office 365 offers a new way to work. More tools to help you better manage your projects and to improve your team performance and productivity.

You’ll never say again ” where did I leave my USB Key on which I saved today’s presentation?” or “I forgot my notes on my desk at home!” or “Who’s doing what on our ongoing project” or even “Where is the last version of the offer for Mr. X?”

You can find everything on your O365 platform and can access your documents, tasks, customer information, teams activity wherever you are : you simply connect to your 0365 account from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Your mobility and security issues won’t be a problem anymore. The Cloud technology makes your daily tasks easier and allows you to focus more on your business, and all this at a lower cost.

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