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Swiss Téléthon Digital Transformation with Office 365, CRM Online and Azure
Swiss Téléthon - Digital Transformation

The Customer :

Téléthon is a charitable foundation that raises money to finance medical research. Their employees are spread over 3 sites. In this context, Téléthon coordinates more than 400 charity events.

The needs :telethon2

For security and continuity purpose, the firm could not use their old IT infrastructure anymore to manage events et follow-up logistics. Téléthon used Windows Server 2003 but had heavy internal processes holding back efficiency.

The foundation therefore needed a new IT system enabling them to access data from all sites, and view information in real time, with a higher security level and reduced IT costs.

The solution :

The choice of a Cloud solution reduced costs and increased teams productivity, allowing a quick implementation of events.

3 Cloud services were implemented :

Digital Transformation
  • Data and information stored centrally
  • No infrastructure costs
  • Simple and secured access from all sites
  • Real-time follow-up of events
  • Reduced processing time for logistics
  • Lower stock and cost
  • Improved data analysis
  • Server with remote access from all sites
  • No IT support
  • Enhanced security

The benefits:

The changes allowed employees to work in a more efficient way and increase collaboration across sites :

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