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Microsoft Switzerland - New data centers in Switzerland

New local regions of the trusted Microsoft Cloud

Built upon foundational principles of security, privacy, compliance, transparency, and reliability, the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland offers Swiss organizations a complete cloud-infrastructure, platform, and familiar productivity and business application tools – where customer data stays resident within Switzerland.

Microsoft time-tested approach is grounded in the commitment to give you control of the collection, use, and distribution of your customer data. Local datacenters in Switzerland offer Microsoft’s enterprise grade performance and reliability combined with the choice of local data residency according to Microsoft standards. See the Microsoft Trust Center for more information.

Azure Regions

Microsoft Azure offers innovation, enterprise-grade performance, flexibility, reliability, and the choice of local data residency.

Move faster, get more done, and save money with a growing collection of integrated cloud and data services – analytics, virtual machines, databases, mobile services, media, networking, storage, web applications and more.


Microsoft Azure delivered from local datacenters in Switzerland empowers the digital transformation of businesses in Switzerland, helping to increase productivity and meet compliance and policy requirements.


Microsoft Switzerland provides world-class cloud innovation with Microsoft intending to be the first global provider to deliver enterprise cloud services from Swiss datacenters.


Microsoft Azure Switzerland: A local cloud with a global scale, offering reliability, enterprise-grade performance and local data residency.

Microsoft Switzerland removes barriers to local cloud adoption


By investing to deliver a trusted cloud platform within Switzerland, Microsoft intends to provide financial institutions and other regulated industries with a greater ability to focus on their core competencies. Over many years, Microsoft has engaged deeply with financial institutions and their regulators in Switzerland. Providing unique services tailored to the special needs of these industries, Microsoft Switzerland will help organizations to keep control over their sensitive data and advance in the process of digital transformation.

3T - Your Microsoft Switzerland Partner

3T, Microsoft Gold partner, accompanies you throughout the process of adoption of the cloud and Microsoft tools to advise you on the choice of the best subscription for your needs, to help you in your transformation or to teach you how to use the software features in your everyday life.

Already using the Microsoft Cloud and want to migrate to a Microsoft Swiss Cloud? Contact us quickly and become one of the first Swiss companies to host their data in a Microsoft Swiss Cloud.

* Please refer to the Microsoft Trust Center for updated compliance information and data residency details. Additionally, our contractual commitment for the storage location of customer data at rest can be found in the Microsoft Online Services Terms.

Microsoft Azure Suisse

Microsoft Switzerland FAQs

Which companies and organizations can benefit from Microsoft Azure Switzerland?

Microsoft’s new Azure regions will provide highly available, scalable and secure cloud services with the option of data residency in Switzerland for any companies and any organizations, including public-sector organizations, regulated industries and non-governmental organizations (NGO). Switzerland, as a member of the EFTA, provides also all European customers with the same high levels of data security concerning the use of cloud services as in EU member states.

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Where are the Microsoft Cloud datacenters located?

Microsoft announced the distribution of the datacenters for the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland from two separate regions: Switzerland West located in Geneva and Switzerland North located in Zurich.

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Will the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland provide data residency?

Yes, the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland will enable customers to meet local data residency requirements by keeping core customer data in regional paired datacenters within Switzerland. The replication of such data across multiple datacenters will provide reliable data protection for business continuity.

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Are the new datacenters subject to Swiss law?

Microsoft commits to follow all laws and regulations applicable to its provision of the Online Services, including all applicable Swiss federal laws and regulations. Customers are responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations specific to their industry and specific use of the services.

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How do the new local Microsoft datacenters help Swiss organizations meet their compliance requirements?

The Microsoft Cloud has the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any public cloud provider. Details are available on the Microsoft Trust Center. By bringing unique services   tailored to the industry and to the region, including blockchain, Azure’s PCI Blueprint, and the Financial Services Compliance Program, Microsoft plans to help accelerate existing work with lighthouse customers in the financial services industry and elsewhere.

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How does the Microsoft Cloud help organizations meet upcoming data privacy regulations such as GDPR?

Microsoft has extensive expertise in protecting data, championing privacy, and complying with complex regulations, and currently complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield , Swiss-U.S. Privacy  Shield, federal Swiss data protection act and the EU Model Clauses. Microsoft are committed to GDPR compliance across their cloud services when enforcement begins May 25, 2018, and provide  GDPR related assurances in their contractual commitments.

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When is Microsoft Azure Switzerland scheduled to launch?

Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 – from Swiss datacenters is expected to be initially available in 2019.

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If you’re interested in the new European Azure regions, learn about your options here.


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