Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS)

Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) is a set of solutions designed to help you stay secure and productive on all your devices and apps. It makes it easier to manage your cloud environment regarding your mobile devices, user identities, applications and data.

Enterprise Mobility & Security
Enterprise Mobility & Security

Protect your data and your mobile devices

With EMS you can protect your company from external attacks and data theft (as well from the inside of the organization as the outside). You are in charge of your data : you establish your own security regulations regarding identities & access, applications and mobile devices – as well as confidential data & information.

Identity & access management - with Azure Active Directory Premium

Self-Service Reset Password

Users manage their own password, wherever they are and whenever the time. They don’t have to call IT support anymore and can do that themselves. It considerably reduces the workload of your IT resources.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

Multi-Factor Authentification (MFA)

MFA’s goal is to protect your data and apps against non-authorized people. The various identification methods enables to increase the connection and transactions security. You need at least two of the following authentication methods :

  • An element you know (ex : password)
  • An element you own (ex : a trusted device on which you get a text message, a phone call or a notification on an app)
  • An element about yourself (ex: biometrics)

Applications and devices management - with Intune

With Microsoft Intune, you can manage your apps and mobile devices easily and consistently. Your employees can access apps , data and corporate resources, from anywhere  and any devices, in a secure way. Data protection processes are integrated directly in Office apps – which avoid information leaks : for example by limiting actions such as copy | paste or data transfer through pro and private apps.

Information protection - with Azure RMS

Protect corporate data by allowing more secure access to company resources and enabling safe sharing of sensitive information inside and outside your organization.

RMS includes Information rights management and Office 365 Message Encryption.

Information rights management (IRM)

  • Protect your emails against unauthorized access
  • Enhance security of your SharePoint libraries
  • Help keep your information safe (offline and online)

Office 365 Message Encryption

  • Safely share files in email or OneDrive
  • Help protect the entire conversation
  • Better user experience

In addition, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security is compliant with the new law regarding the data protection“General Data Protection Regulation” or GDPR.

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