And what if the cloud is your best ally ?

Even today, many companies are reluctant to acquire IT solutions hosted in a cloud environment, mainly for fear of losing control over their data.

Risks related to digitalization are growing and the hacking industry takes advantage of this : fraudulent encryption, data theft, industrial spying, etc. occur daily and cyberattacks are more and more recurrent and sophisticated.

Cloud Security

In such an environment, the Cloud seems risky. Requirements in security and protection are increasing and regulation regarding information processing is becoming more strict and binding.

Classic situation

Today, most companies still have a conservative tendency regarding computer security :

  • A wall (Firewall) protecting the internal environment against external intrusions.
  • All users use the same tools (a desktop computer) – which don’t take into account individual’s needs.
  • A local network connecting all these tools – including some differences in access rights.

Many of these companies think that this kind of environment – closed and with restricted access, will protect them against external threats. But, for instance, what about internal attacks? Indeed, a local server and backup unit are not safe from fire – plus, they need a whole – very expensive – infrastructure to protect them (air conditioner, software, protected room, antispam, antivirus, etc).

Furthermore, data theft does not concern only the external threat but also internal users. When one of you coworkers quits, how do you know that he won’t take with him company data ? You can’t be sure he’s not.

Finally this kind of environment does not take into account users current needs and requirements for profitability.

So, what can we do ?



In a world where technology evolves rapidly, laws also need to adapt to enable standardized protection and security processes. Among them, we find the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR). It represents the most important change regarding security in the last decade. It requires more involvements and precautions regarding data protection.

Its goal is to protect consumer and data privacy. It imposes to companies and associations to provide clear and consistent information. To comply will require a certain discipline. Indeed, this process will demand commitment in terms of time, procedures, acquisition of expertise and tools. Even if this seems binding, there still remains lots of time to learn and get organized.

Click here for an overview of the GDPR scope and what to expect

Available tools

In addition to complying to laws, there are a lots of IT tools which allow a maximal security against every kind of attacks – and this cheaper than internal solutions.

One solution is to rely on an operator who is totally aware of security issues and put compliance to standards in the heart of its Cloud strategy. It already has developed tools designed to protect corporate data.

When relying on an expert and its solutions matching your needs, you don’t need a local infrastructure anymore – implying that you won’t have to bear the cost and constraints.

For example when choosing Microsoft Cloud, you can benefit from a rich set of solutions, especially designed and developed to protect you data. With Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMSyou can centrally and easily handle the following :

  • User access & identities
  • Mobile devices & applications
  • Information sharing

With them, you can now work freely and safely regardless of the device and place.

No more need to ask yourself if the resigned employee took the data with him and erased corporate data from his own devices – you can do it yourself with a locking system that blocks access.

No more need to wonder if your confidential data won’t be hacked when your salesperson is on the road. Stolen files will be unusable because of a wrong authentification.

To summarize, the Cloud is your ally, not your enemy !

It brings a large flexibility, a lot of freedom for users, lower infrastructure costs and guarantees you maximum security for your company data.

3T & You

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